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CUMBERLAND: Imagine Sherlock as a father →


Imagine Sherlock as a father

” Father. …Where do I come from?” 

“…What is puberty?” 

“John. Take a look at our son’s internet history.”

“Father. I think some of the girls in my school might be interested in m-“

“Uncle? Father told me that while most people love other people, some people love cake. What did he mean?”

Sherlock? You told our son that there’s no Santa, and no Easter Bunny? For god’s sake, Sherlock! He’s three years old!”

“I don’t think you understand, Sherlock; there’s nothing left of the school’s chemistry lab because of Hamish! No, stop it! It’s not appropriate to shout ‘He made his first bomb!’ in happiness!” 















What happens when a tree branch falls onto a powerline?

Answer: Dramatic Annihilation

Only 17 seconds long - stick to the end.

Submitted by:  nonniebyrd


Did that shit…just explode rainbows?!


idk why but I burst out laughing every time I see this video

gapes at screen with open mouth

“No,” the wire whispered. “You can’t—you’ll burn—”

The branch smiled sadly, looking up at the tree that had protected her for so many years. But, the branch needed to know for herself the heat and passion of the wires. “I would rather burn a hundred times over,” she said softly, “than live an eternity away from you.”

“But, I’m right here! You can see me every day!” The wire pleaded desperately. “You don’t have to do this!”

“Actually, I do,” the branch replied. “I’m falling and it’s only a matter of time. Please…tell me you’ll catch me. Even if I’ll burn, tell me you’ll catch me.”

The wire was silent before swaying in affirmation, gazing up at the branch that had always been so far above him. Always out of reach, always kept away, protected jealously by the tree.

The wind was picking up, and with each blow, the branch swung ever closer to the wires until finally, she was ripped from the tree and fell down into the waiting arms of her beloved.

“Hello,” she whispered, feeling that dreadful heat creeping up from her base. It wouldn’t be long now. The sparks were already starting and she was starting to glow. The wire tried to prevent the inevitable, desperately trying to contain the power he knew would lead to her violent destruction, but all he could do was watch her burn as they swayed in the wind.

It was over within a few seconds. There was a sudden burst of colorful flames and everything was still. Even the wind had died down, leaving the remnants of the branch…his branch…sprawled across him, nothing more than a charred memory.

You know Shweta’s going to great lengths not to do her paper when she writes a tragic OTP for a telephone wire and a tree branch.

I’m going to now creep out as discreetly as possible and try to write my paper. Or something.

Tumblr…did you just give me a fanfiction…about a stick falling on a power line?

And people wonder why I spend so much time with you.

When people ask me ‘what is tumblr?’ I am going to point to this post.

Omg that fic

OTP, but I still respect the branch/tree shippers. 

The comments. Oh, the comments.

Never change Tumblr. Never change.

I love you.

reblogging for a romance between a tree branch and a telephone wire, ilu tumblr

Creying for the tree branch and the telephone wire’s doomed love.



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It’s dangerous to go alone, reblog this!




I would have a heart attack on spot, after bearing his children. 

i wonder how much money it took to make that pile of expensive red gold

i’m pretty much that cameraman

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